Zvitambo Vision and Mission Statement

As an organization that has evolved over the past 23 years and plans to remain a key contributor to the Zimbabwean research ecosystem, our vision, mission, and values are shown below together with our research strategy which aims to provide evidence that helps all children survive, thrive, and lead healthy and productive lives.   

Zvitambo Vision: To be a centre of excellence for research that drives improvement in global maternal and child health.  

Zvitambo Mission: To conduct high-quality, policy-relevant research, and enhance the research ecosystem in Zimbabwe through capacity strengthening and training, and act at the research-policy interface to influence global maternal and child health programming.  

Zvitambo Values:  

  • Locally appropriate, culturally relevant, research informed by the public health needs of Zimbabwe.  
  • Ethical sound research guided by local and international guidelines and regulations 
  • Striving for scientific excellence and innovation in maternal and child health research.  
  • Community engagement to ensure relevant ownership, relevance, sustainability and genuine partnership in research 
  • Transparency in organizational processes and information dissemination  
  • Provide good financial stewardship 
  • Inclusive of all regardless of gender, culture, and economic status.  

Zvitambo Research Strategy 

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